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We're a Top 3 Rated Dentist in Richmond on RateMDs!

We take pride in the outstanding reputation we’ve developed with our patients over the years. Dr. Jones Young is currently a top 3 rated dentist in Richmond on RateMDs ! Check out what people are saying about our friendly, professional dental care, and then come visit us to meet our dentist for yourself.

Gentle and Kind

I have been a patient of Dr. Young for 6 years and never have thought about changing dentists. He has always given me the best dental care and has been gentle and kind. I have never been a person who enjoys the dentist but I do not hesitate to see Dr. Young when I am having any teeth issues. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Fantastic Staff and Welcoming Environment

Absolutely fantastic dentist and staff. They have the upmost quality of care and make you feel so welcome. Dr. Young fixed my chipped tooth while I was pregnant. He was completely reassuring and it was pain free. I continue to recommend him to all family and friends. Thank you for your great work.

Looks Out for My Best Interest

Dr. Young and his staff are a Godsend! The staff handle all the paperwork (direct billing), and Dr. Young really does look out for the patient's best interest. He doesn't push products, but is very honest about what is needed, what can wait, and what needs to be addressed immediately. After being his patient for over two years, my family and I have only good things to say about him and his staff. Their attention to detail, professionalism, and superior quality service provided makes the visit pleasant. I have since recommended him to many of my friends, and they too, have remarked the same things that I have stated here. Try him out – you'll be glad you did!

Would Recommend to Anyone

Dr. Young provided a very professional service. He went above and beyond to repair my child's teeth while other dentists suggested veneers or crowns. He is so talented in many ways, with obvious skills and a very kind heart. He was very generous as he took care of my consultation fee and took care of the amounts over budget on my dental plan. Surprisingly my son’s teeth, about 8 of them, look like new, I can't even tell where he had repaired them. I would definitely recommend him to anyone; it was a fluke that I just happen to find him, one of those hidden treasures that we all seek to find. I had a great feeling about him just walking in the door. The staff greet you with a genuine smile, the dentist has a very positive and friendly attitude. He explained best options and procedures, provided his personal opinion, and explained the mechanics of the work. He was fast and the work is phenomenal. I can't say enough... The best dentist I have ever seen... I can't thank him enough!!!

Detailed, Thorough, and Family Friendly

Dr. Jones Young is very professional and family friendly. His work is detailed and thorough. His work ethic is about 'what is best' for his patients, not about the bottom line. I will travel any distance to have my teeth be in Dr. Jones Young skilled expert care. He shows concern with his patients, a rare trait in modern dentistry. Try him, you will be impressed!

Allows Me to Smile with Confidence

This is the best dentist I have ever been too. He made my smile beautiful. He is very gentle and does amazing work. I can now smile with confidence. Thank you so much!

Explains the Treatment Options

Dr. Young is a very knowledgeable and friendly dentist. I just switched to him and you can really tell he cares about his patients and is excellent at explaining any treatment to you so you can make your own decision. I was very impressed.

Takes the Fear and Worry Out of Visiting the Dentist

Dr. Young is properly one of the best dentists I have ever known. I am 65 years old and I have seen a few dentists over the years until I have come to know Dr. Young. He is honest and very knowledgeable in his field. His office staff are friendly and I thank them for all the services they provided. The biggest worry of visiting a dentist is the unknown – it is like taking your car for a tune-up and turns out to be a major repair (if you know what I meant!). With Dr. Young you have no worry. He will explain everything to you and decide the best strategy. This is very important when you have no dental insurance like me. My whole family became his patients and I hope you will have the same experience as me when you visit Dr. Young in the near future.

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